Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Our" Big Day

The bride, my baby, on her wedding day looking unspeakably beautiful.

(Picture taken by the super talented Heather Stone.)

In a Top 10 mother-of-the-bride wish list, this is what I hope for my daughter Andrea:

1.) She loves him.
2.) He worships the ground she walks on.
3.) I really, really like him.
4.) He really, really likes me.
5.) They will live happily ever after with success in all the ways they wish (including at some point producing lovely, well-mannered, precocious children).
6.) She finds a drop-dead wedding dress.  (She did.)
7.) People we can't stand, including relatives -- and in a perfect world we would never see as long as we live, but for myriad reasons must be invited to the wedding -- will have other plans on the date.  
8.)  No one loses their sense of humor in the planning stages.  (No one did.)
9.)  We find decent Champagne at a reasonable price. (We did.)
10.) We don't forget anything or anyone.  (The caterer forgot the towering risers for the cupcakes.)

But enough about her.  She's not the only one walking down the aisle. Let's be frank, it's our big day too.


Anonymous said...

you started! it's great. your baby does look gorgeous!

Tish Jett said...

Donna, Donna,

Where have you been all my life?

Do you have a date January 20th?????