Monday, March 16, 2009

When Opportunity Knocks, Go Shopping

You are perhaps familiar with the oft quoted, misquoted and herein paraphrased declaration about every difficulty offering an opportunity? And of course the inverse, but we're here to see rays of sunshine, not clouds of gray. 

(I'll be back to the subject of gray in a moment, but first I shall digress as I am wont to do.)

As mothers-of-the-bride a positive attitude is essential. It's the only way to prepare for our big day with the least stress, strain and StriVectin. We have a lot of work to do and though we dare not whistle while we do it -- that pucker business only deepens those barcode lines above the upper lip -- we must approach our tasks with diligence, rigor and probably a sense of humor when all else fails.

Back on message, true story, names changed to protect the guilty and the innocent -- a little complicated, but I shall explain in detail: Surely you expect no less.

In fact, I don't even know the name of one of the parties involved (the MOG) and the other is a friend of a friend of a friend, whom I met fleetingly years ago. No matter. In the official rules of the wedding game -- those to which we must adhere and pretend we're enjoying while our hearts and minds are truly focused on pressing personal priorities -- it's the MOB who gets first dibs on choosing her ensemble. After the bride obviously. (But what do we care we would never wear white or its derivatives under any circumstances.)

Of course a graciously generous MOB could if she wished throw the issue on the dressing table and discuss with the MOG what colors, styles whatevers she might be considering for the occasion thus making the ultimate pre-emptive gesture toward civil negotiations between two disparate families about to be joined in holy matrimony for the foreseeable future if not for eternity. (Of course we hope for eternity.) 

Now comes the "difficulty".  The MOG in this saga, apparently seeing and seizing upon a once-in-a-lifetime radically reduced price tag on a Big Name designer suit at a painfully chic boutique, could not resist and protocol be damned, bought her wedding outfit without consulting the MOB.  She informed the MOB the fait accompli is gray. I'm told no further details were forthcoming.

Reaction to this information could go either way -- consternation and a breakdown in pre-marital relations OR and here's where the "opportunity" presents itself: The MOB, ever the perfect lady and a confirmed pacifist, says to herself, "excellent, gray's out of the running." 

Or if, and this is not the case, she were petty minded she could think: "Merci for giving me this golden opportunity to wear color(!)" 

My friend who related the drama to me the other day said the future MOB is hell-bent on finding something spectacular. Well hello? Of course she is. 

She's thinking dress/coat. I'm thinking fuchsia, vermilion.  Just discovered vermilion isn't on the color wheel because it has a touch of gray in it -- too funny.

Now I ask you, in all those photo ops who is going to pop out of the de rigueur line-up? Someone in gray or someone in say Schiaparelli pink for example?* Precisely.

My friend, a one-time MOB and one-time MOG, suggested she, her friend the future MOB, and I have lunch and shop 'til we drop.

It's on the calendar. I'll keep you au courant.

*Click on pink above and you'll see the color I'm talking about. Walk into a crowded room in that and anything could happen.

*A couple of fuchsia choices. . . Look two is a coat and a dress and a jacket, that's a lot of stuff in one outfit(!). The other is Alberta Ferretti -- imagine it with loads of pearls, killer sandals and a great hat.  (Not that anyone cares or anything, but I'm not taking a fashion position here -- it's a color statement. Are you with me. . .?)

*** One glance at the color wheel tells us our possibilities are many and magnificent.

*As much as I love Meryl Streep, I'm definitely on the fence about her Oscar ceremony Alberta Ferretti choice. I think it looks a little too MOB, an error one must avoid at all costs, or markdowns. Shoulders and shoes are nice though.