Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Avoid Petal Pushers

Life is full of circumstances in which the only response to a variety of questions can be nothing short of a simple, "no" -- or I suppose -- "no thank-you".

This is what we must do as the MOB when anyone suggests we wear a corsage.  If someone proposes we don a wrist corsage I believe it is perfectly acceptable to drop the "thank you" part.

"Are you out of your mind (!?)" is a far more appropriate response.

Leave the flowers to the bride, the groom, all attendants and the tables.  

The last time we should have worn a corsage was when we went to a prom.  I take it you understand the use of the word "last" as in once upon a time and never again.

In the future I will delve into apparel 
and accessory choices, but felt it was essential to get this one out there immediately.  In my mind there is nothing quite as age inappropriate -- as in it makes us look older (this is my personal opinion mind you) -- than a corsage.  Just look to the right and tell me if you don't agree with me.

I feel it's not necessary to address the flowers-in-the-hair issue.  

Now, if our soon-to-be son-in-law feels it is his duty as part of The Wedding Rules Guidebook to give us a corsage, it is our duty to gently steer him away from this outdated obligation. 

However, the last thing we MOBs wish to do is offend.  So I would like to offer a floral alternative: One might delicately suggest a bouquet sent to our home (or hotel room as the case may be) would be ab-so-lute-ly dee-vine.  

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