Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Making Up Is Hard To Do

My daughter does not like strangers, translate -- make-up artists -- fiddling around with her face.

Obviously, this is my fault.  Apparently I introduced her to the wonders of eyelash curlers at such a tender age that she is now terrified by any beauty instruments used to apply cosmetics
in the hands of anyone but herself.

I started using an eyelash curler when I was eight and felt 10ish was an appropriate age for her initiation.  I had no idea she would pull away in mid squeeze and leave me holding a curler with several of her severed lashes.  I give 
you my word I explained AND demonstrated its use before her first and sadly last lesson in the fine art of eyelash curling.

Result of this phobia, we -- and I admit this could have just as easily been a singular pronoun, but my maternal guilt kicked in and once again I went along with the program -- had no professional makeup people doing our faces for the big day.  Big mistake.

Actually, Andrea looks great in the pictures and since all you see in mine is my liquid tan, maybe it would have been a waste of time and money for me to have hired someone to get me camera ready.  Still, I have regrets.  I couldn't have looked worse, therefore. . .

Having assisted on untold numbers of photo shoots where makeup application can take upwards of two hours with non-stop touch-ups throughout the day, I can attest to the reality
that the better the makeup, the better the photos.  And it takes more products than you can imagine to look natural.
Furthermore, I'm talking about models in their 20s.**

My point:  Do not under any circumstances agree to not have someone do your makeup.  I'm not harping, but just reviewing the facts:  We are slightly older than our daughters and need all the help we can get on all fronts.  Am I right?  You know I am.

If your daughter and her attendants opt out, hey let them look back at their pictures 30 years from now and wish they'd let someone apply alabaster, reflective pre-foundation prep lotion; rosy blush on the apples of their cheeks; the finishing touches on an exquisitely arched brow and the perfect dollop of gloss in the middle of the lower lip to create that enviable insouciant, yet irresistible pout.

**This is a photo of my friend Chad Hayduk (who I wish I'd invited to the wedding and asked to save my face) one of the co-founders of the superb makeup line Three Custom Color who is a brilliant makeup artist, particularly with that tricky "natural look".  

P.S.:  If you want the world's best eyelash curler, and who wouldn't?  Except Andrea.   It's the Shu Uemura pictured above.

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